Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Peruvian foods I will (and won't) miss

In one month in Peru, I can safely say I’ve tried quite a list of foods and drinks I never even knew existed. This was obviously very exciting for me, and I’ve developed a number of new favorite dishes I can’t wait to try again. At the same time, there are a few I’ll have no problem never tasting again.

Foods I will miss:

1. Lomo Saltado

The lomo saltado is nothing short of legendary. It is a stir-fry, in which beef, tomatoes, peppers, and onions are blended in a pan with soy sauce and fried potatoes. It is perhaps the most popular dish in Peru, and easily my favorite.

2. Anticuchos

While I may have been the only one on the trip to try these, I am certain everyone else made a huge mistake. I had my first skewer from a street vendor for just 2 soles, and there was no looking back after that. Usually made from cow hearts, anticuchos are cheap and absolutely delicious.

3. Palta Rellena

It’s hard not to make something good when avocado is the main ingredient, and the palta rellena is no exception. It is basically half an avocado stuffed with whatever the chef feels like. It is always delicious.

4. Pisco Sour

The GOAT of Latin American cocktails. Order a pisco sour (or seven), sit back, and enjoy.

Foods I won't miss as much:

1. Andean Cheese

Just don’t. Everything else on this list you can try and see for yourself, but do yourself a favor and just don’t try andean cheese.

2. Mazamorra Morada

The best description of this lovely dessert came from one of the members of our trip. He describes it as “corn/robitussin/melted candle/3rd party off brand gummy bear plasma.” Take that as you will.

3. Chupe de Camarones

There’s nothing I love in this world like shrimp and prawns, but this soup is one of the only things hat can make me hate them. Imagine a bowl of milk, hot sauce, and shrimps. Now throw in a hard boiled egg and some of that good old andean cheese. Now some more milk. You have yourself a chupe de camarones. Buena suerte.

4. Inca Kola

Look, I’m all for Peru having its own signature soda, but if I really wanted bubblegum flavored toothpaste, I’d go back to my 7th grade orthodontist.

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