Friday, May 20, 2016


                                                          LIFTOFF IN LIMA
                                                          By Charlie Hawkins
It's day one in Lima and I can feel the energy as this trip gets underway. The drive to the Hostal Killari was scenic, as a cross shined on top of a cliff over the Pacific Ocean in the night sky. The smell of ceviche and pisco sour fills the warm Peruvian air. Love Park known as the Parque de Amor was a lovely sight on our first day touring Lima. Shopping has commenced in Lima, as people are eager to bring home souvenirs, and San Antonio has been the spot for our group, having eaten there twice. Hostal Killari serves a killer breakfast of eggs and bread every day, which tastes better than the sand that many people consumed while sandboarding down the sand dunes of the Peruvian desert. Getting our feet wet through experiencing the culture and history of Peru's capital has been a great introduction to our Maymester. If the trip is anywhere close to as good to me as my new argan oil has been, I can say with confidence that this trip was a Maymester worth taking.

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