Monday, May 23, 2016

Las Bebidas del Cielo (But actually, the agua brand was Cielo)

     Two wonderful things about Peru are that 1) they really know how to make some good cocktails and 2) that the drinking age is 18, so even upcoming still-20-year-old me could try some of the concoctions. With a bottle of water (because free water isn’t a thing in Peru) costing close to the price of any other drink, it was more than necessary to try some Peruvians favorites.
     Our visit to Tacama, the oldest vineyard in South America, led to many purchasing a bottle of Albilla d’Ica after a tasting, and that was just the start. On this trip we also encountered the Machu Picchu, a deliciously fruity, layered drink. We also had the opportunity to learn how to shake up the perfect Pisco Sour while in Lima, a drink some liked more than others, but was extremely refreshing and is the national drink of Peru.

Albilla d'Ica
El Machu Picchu
Un Pisco Sour

     In Cuzco I’ve also had a few great finds: the first was the “Adult” milkshakes at Papacho’s (whose food was equally amazing), which was basically the milkshake version of a piña colada and costed the same as their non-alcoholic milkshakes—bonus! We also had the opportunity to hit up Happy Hour at Paddy’s Irish Pub (the highest altitude Irish pub on the planet!) and try their Vodka with various juices (my favorite was piña) as well as the Peru Libre, like a Cuba Libre but with Pisco instead of rum. To top it off, we found Mango Daiquiris that were unbelievable as well.
     Moral of the story: any mix of alcohol with fruit will be worth your while in Peru.

Mango Daiquiri
"Adult" Milkshake

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