Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sometimes Non-Alcoholic Drinks Win

     As much as I loved being able to test out the wonderful cocktails, milkshakes, juice mixtures, etc. in Peru, they definitely weren’t always the call—especially when adjusting to new heights (literally) and being slightly wary of all the new food and drinks. Luckily there were a few drinks that could always be counted on:
      Chicha morada: though I can’t say I’m much a fan myself, I did enjoy the opportunity to help make our own Chicha morada in Maras when Profe, Adaiah and myself came back from the hike earlier. This drink is made from purple corn, and sugar and lemon are added to taste (we needed a lot of sugar when making ours).
Chicha Morada
     Another great thing is how they can mix tropical fruits into various smoothies and juices—my favorite being mango, maracuya and pineapple from La Gran Fruta in Lima.  Lemonade, sometimes with added flavors, has also been a staple on many menus here.
Bebida de La Gran Fruta
     Though not a Peruvian place, myself and many others on this trip have also made various runs to Starbucks for the combination of familiar taste and the best WiFi around. In Lima I asked what was different about my Chai Tea compared to in the U.S., and the barista replied that they don’t use straight milk, they add cream to all their beverages as well, which makes them that much tastier. I also have become a big fan of the Dulce de Leche Frappuccino when in dire need of sugar and caffeine—if only this were offered everywhere in the States!

Dulce de Leche Frappuccino

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