Sunday, June 1, 2014

El mercado

 Shopping in Cusco is definitely an experience. Women dressed in traditional garb will chase you with items that you will never have any use for like alpaca keychains or pens with alpaca figurines at the top. Venders line the streets and call out to you to walk into their shops. While at first it was definitely very overwhelming, I learned to embrace it. No price is ever fixed, you can literally haggle with everyone. Also, because we were American they will most definitely try to overcharge you. The most shocking part of it all was the San Pedro market. There we could buy anything from an entire dead pig to fruit juice or quinoa. In Cusco, this is used as the main market instead of any grocery store. It’s a source of a great variety of fresh and tasty ingredients. While I wasn’t too fond of the raw meat on display, there are some things I’m really going to miss. There was this large cake like bread that was amazing and one fruit that resembled yellow grapes called alimentos, both of which I wish I could get in the states. I wish fresh food was as available in the states, but also really appreciate target and whole foods now that I’m home again. 

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