Monday, June 2, 2014


I have always been interested in fashion and love patterns and colors. Thus, the Peruvian textiles and clothing was definitely a highlight of trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the stop in Sacsayhuaman through the pueblo where women were making textiles, as well as the demonstration in Chinchero. To me, the making of textiles and the elaborate patterns and designs of the products is both fascinating and                     mind-blowing. Watching the women make the patterns from the modest wooden tools is something that I can still not fathom. The products that these women are able to make with a small amount of modest tools demonstrations extreme skill and ability. While on the tour in Sacsayhuaman, the guide informed us that learning to make the textiles is something that all the youth in the area have to learn. The passage of such techniques down to generations despite being in the 21st centuries shows the communities emphasis on preserving traditional practices. For me, the ability to learn how to make such beautiful garments is a skill that I would love to have and one that I think is important to preserve. In the end, watching the construction of the textiles in Peru was one characteristic of the country that set it apart for me.  

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