Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pondering Pisac

One of my favorite experiences in Peru was our first weekend trip, during which we hiked throughout the archaeological site of Pisac. We stayed overnight in the urban town of Pisac, a beautiful city center full of Andean culture and tradition. This modern town was bustling with a large market and tourism base, standing in stark contrast with the deserted Incan ruins of the ancient city of Pisac lying in close proximity. It was inspiring to hike throughout the archaeological sites and see many examples of the impressive engineering and architectural feats of the ancient Incas, along with the absolutely breathtaking view. For example, the terraces of Pisac were among the first of many terraces we saw on the trip, which were hydraulic engineering masterpieces built by the Incas that allowed them to cultivate many crops with high degrees of success in difficult terrain and climatic conditions. The Incas constructed sound foundations beneath the terraces, consisting of layers of various types of soil and rocks, which allowed for the development of strong drainage and irrigation systems that prevented high levels of erosion. It is awe-inspiring to think that the Incas developed such advanced systems so many years ago and the ruins of Pisac truly serve as a reminder of what the human race is capable of doing with a strong sense of purpose and dedication.

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