Saturday, May 31, 2014

Legends, Deserts, and Mermaids... Oh my!

On our very last road trip, we spent the day in Huacachina, aka The Peruvian desert. Yeah, I didn’t know Peru had a desert either, but it definitely does. According to legend, there was a naked woman grooming herself while looking in a handheld mirror. In the reflection behind her, she caught a glimpse of a man spying on her. Why she was wearing her birthday suit out in the open and then got upset when someone saw her, I don’t know, but she did. She was so startled that she dropped the mirror and threw the towel to provide some cover. Now up until this point, the story sounds completely plausible… just wait. The mirror that fell became a little lake and the towel that she threw became the sand mountains which surround the lake. Oh, and she became a mermaid... riiiiiigghhttt. Peruvians sure do have some great stories, truthful or not. It’s still a pretty cool place to visit and sandboarding is an experience unlike any other.

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