Friday, May 30, 2014


The three salsa classes I took while in Cusco definitely made me question how useful all those ballet classes I’ve taken actually are. On the first day, our quirky instructor dove right into the first basic step and immediately I was a little anxious. The funniest part though was definitely that there weren’t enough men and the tiniest woman possible had to act as a man while dancing, while Liza, Katelin, Valencia and I all towered over her. Over the next couple of classes we learned a series of turns and moves that unfortunately I cannot spell any of the names of. I had to get over my inability to be led and over the dizziness that occurred every time our instructor yelled “dame” and the women were basically spun, while simultaneously trying to move in a circle. Also, be careful because any physical activity done at this altitude will have you gasping for air at some point! I loved taking more traditional Latin dances while in Peru and to whoever is going on this trip next year I definitely recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.

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