Friday, May 30, 2014

The Amazing Churro

The amazing churro was the best churro I have ever had. Firstly, it was a steal. Where else can you find a churro of such quality for a mere one sole? Secondly it was delicious in all the right ways. It was crispy and sugary on the outside, but bready and delightful on the inside. But the most important thing about the churro was the secret ingredient, the creamy filling! We are still not sure was it was, but it was the finishing touch to an already masterful creation of the churro. When you bit into the dessert, the crispy outside, the bready layer and the creamy middle combined to make heaven in our mouth. The man selling them deserves some kind of award.

Also unfortunately, I do not have a picture. So here is a picture of a very ordinary churro.

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