Thursday, May 29, 2014

Those Burning Sands

I’ve never been to a desert before but going to the Sand Dunes of Paracas was the closest I’ve been! We went in the afternoon so we got just the right amount of sun and wind. After a rollercoaster-like ride up the dunes in the armored dune-buggy, we took pictures posing as Egyptians, hats off to King Tut. However, the adventure was not quite done yet. We were at the top of sand dunes, so we had to SANDBORDT all the way down, trek up to another hill and repeat.. Beyoncé would be proud. Although it was scary at first, it was rather exhilarating and fun. Good thing we started on baby hills first, and slowly progressed to the taller ones out there. For all you thrill seekers out there, I highly recommend sandboarding. Beginners can slide down with their entire bodies laying down on the board instead of standing up and sliding down like a pro-it takes much less skill and courage…After braving a few harrowing dunes, we took back to the dune buggy and headed home, but not before seeing the sunset from a top the sandy mountains.

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