Thursday, May 29, 2014

Peruvian Foods I'll Miss the Most

Foods that I will miss once I head back to the United States:

1. Maracuyá or Passion Fruit. This is hands down the tropical fruit I will miss the most. Whether eating the seeds right out of the fruit itself or drinking its freshly blended juice, passion fruit is quite versatile. The taste ranges from very tart to rather sweet, but the bliss point is somewhere in the middle. I’ve had maracuyá flavored pisco sour, maracuyá flavored slushies, passion fruit gelato, and even passion fruit flavored Gatorade. The United States NEEDS to import more of this fruit. I’d definitely pay for the upcharge.

2. Alpaca. Yes, alpaca. When properly cooked, grilled alpaca kebabs will give you so much life. Juicy with tons of flavor minus all the fat, this is a great alternative to eating steak cut from beef. However, I don’t think this will catch on anytime soon in Alabama.

3. Palta Rellena. Peruvians like to fill fresh avocadoes with tasty delights such as chicken salad, vegetables, and even seafood. Who knew the avocado was so loved here? I’m definitely going to incorporate more avocado in my diet when I get back home. Besides its great taste, avocados are proven to hold a host of health benefits. Guacamole is only just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. 

4. Cilantro. Just kidding, I really hate the taste of cilantro. But if you don’t like it and you are in Peru, be sure to tell people beforehand so they don’t ruin a perfectly good dish!

5. Fried Yuca. The Peruvian French Fry? I guess so, they’re even better than some French fries I’ve had back in the states. The yuca is a root, but has a different texture than potatoes. Never eat these guys raw.

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