Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Peruvian Take on Fast Food

The other night, Prof. Falconi took a few of us to Bembo’s, the first and largest Peruvian fast food chain.  Bembo’s, we were told, was a better fast food option than McDonald’s because, although it was still fast food, it still used traditional Peruvian ingredients.  At first glance, the menu looked similar to any fast food menu: burgers, chicken nuggets, ice cream cones, etc.  But closer inspection showed me that this was nothing I would ever find at home.  Natalie and I ordered a Huachana, a burger with fried egg, papas al hilo (like French fries, but sliced even thinner), mayo, lettuce, and huacho sausage (a typical Peruvian meat).  It’s too bad we weren't hungry, because the sandwich was delicious.  Prof. ordered an a lo Pobre, a burger with fried egg, fried plantains, tomato, raw onion and mayo.  Bembo’s had much more interesting options than the McDonald’s in the square.  The menu at McDonald’s was pretty much the same menu as at home.  It’s too bad they couldn’t really adapt to better cater to their customers elsewhere.  I’m really glad we went to Bembo’s instead.

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