Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PDA (the P is for Peruvian)

There’s so much more PDA in Peru than in public places in the United States.  Just about every park we’ve been to, there have been numerous couples doing what we think they should be doing in private.  And even when there is PDA at home, it’s much more tame than this (I won’t go into detail, but we’ve seen a lot of couples doing much more than any couple would ever dare to do in public at home).   Obviously, we’ve all been made very uncomfortable every time.  If you asked any one of us, our gut response would likely be that all this PDA is objectively wrong.  But another key observation I’ve made is that, every time we’ve objected to PDA, no one else has seemed to have a problem with it.  This tells me that Peru might have a much more relaxed view of PDA than does the United States.  So maybe it’s not objectively wrong.  Maybe people in the US are just much less tolerant of PDA than people in Peru.

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