Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Best Coffee Shop in Cusco

            While I was in Nashville, I truthfully never enjoyed going to coffee shops to do homework, send emails, and form relationships with new people; I would sit inside of Grins café, Commons center, or even my mundane dorm room. However, coffee shops in Cusco have exposed me to the pleasure of drinking a latte, completing the day’s assignments, and enjoying a gorgeous view. At Museo del Café, a restobar directly off of the main plaza, one can purchase several classic coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccino, and macchiato. However, one can also purchase unique delicacies such as mocha-chinos (a delicious variation of a cappuccino with Cusco’s locally-produced chocolate), or chocolate caliente (hot cocoa for those of us who don’t necessarily drink much caffeine). In addition to serving delicious drinks for reasonable prices, this particular location serves tasty entrees, such as quinoa burgers and “el lomazo,” which is a delicious steak salad entrée.
            Oddly enough, the food and delicious drinks aren’t even the best parts of this restobar; the ambiance is. The large, spacious location consists exclusively of gorgeous neutral colors—greens, blues, browns, and oranges—that give the environment a relaxing vibe. Additionally, the large, decorative lamps and lights hang sporadically from the ceilings contribute to this same sense of relaxation. Lastly, this restobar provides outdoor seating that overlooks the city of Cusco; from this seat, one can overlook the plaza and see locals walking around the city.

            If you’re in need of a high-end, comfortable study location that will make you want to never leave Cusco, I highly recommend Museo del Café.

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