Saturday, June 4, 2016

Adiós, Perú, But This Is Not The End

            I am currently writing this last blog post on my plane back to China, and I still cannot believe that my one-month Peruvian adventure was over. The past month was like a dream to me that we visited Lima, Cusco and other incredible places in Peru, and we were also able to see the amazing Machu Picchu. When I close my eyes and recall what has happened in Peru, all the memories come to my mind, as if they just happened yesterday. Unfortunately, the trip has ended, and all I can say is “adiós, Perú.” However, when the flight assistant gave me the snack just now, I subconsciously said “gracias” to her, and when she asked what I wanted to drink, I firmly said in Spanish that “café con leche, por favor.” The person sitting next to me looks at me as if I were a weirdo, but I have no ability to change what I have said.

            I am no longer located in the territory of Peru, but this is not the end of my Peruvian adventure. I have had some new habits during my stay in Peru, and these habits are closely related to its culture. Every day on our way to school, I was able to greet with the llamas on the streets. Sometimes I took selfies with them, regarding them as our friends. Moreover, I have also made some Peruvian friends, and we spoke Spanish, English and Spanglish with each other. Sometimes they taught me Quechua, trying to understand the Inca people used to speak. In addition, I have fallen in love with many Peruvian local products. When I was at the Dallas airport, I was still looking for alpaca shirts and cocoa candies. This Maymester in Peru has provided me with not only an opportunity to learn Spanish and the Andean culture, but also an incredible experience of living in the country and interacting with the local people. While it has helped me better understand Peruvian culture, it has also influenced my way of thinking about Peru and the Spanish language. Although our trip is over, the Peruvian adventure will always stay with me, as it has become an important part of my life experience.

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