Friday, June 3, 2016

Massach Lady?

         So I’m sure most of us have heard the infamous line from the dozens of ladies standing on street corners in Cuzco, “Massach lady? Would you like a massach?” Well, after making endless jokes about these Massache’s and their extremely low prices, I decided to put one to the test. At the Inca Spa right near Casa Elena, Gabby, Jack and I decided to treat ourselves to a massage on our last day in Cuzco. I decided on the ‘Inca Massage’ because it seemed fitting and the front desk recommended it. To my surprise, this hour-long full-body massage left me feeling great. Gabby and I decided on a couples Incan massage which probably took out every kink in my entire body. Despite a few mid-massage laughs, this was perhaps the most relaxing hour of the past month. The two ladies were very friendly, offered to speak both Spanish as well as English, and were quite pleased when we said we spoke Spanish. We made a little small talk, and they asked about our maymester and how we are enjoying our stay in Cuzco. One of the ladies also mentioned that Jack was quite good-looking, which may have been the best comment of the entire day. On top of all that, the price was also 33 dollars for an entire hour, which in the United States would probably be around 100 dollars for the equivalent massage. SO, to all those doubting whether a Peruvian Massach is legit, if you choose the right place I say absolutely!

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