Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Maras – A Quiet Town in the Noisy World

The development of technology has changed people’s life in modern society. Phones, iPads, Laptops and other electronic devices have become necessities; many restaurants try to use Wi-Fi to attract visitors. Indeed, the invention of Internet has brought human beings around the world closer together. I enjoy the convenience of always having Internet, so I have always been asking for Wi-Fi password at each restaurant I attend. However, when we arrived at Maras, I found that there was no Internet around where we lived. My first reaction to the situation was that I wanted to get out of the place as soon as possible. As we were told that we were hiking to another town, I was hoping that we could have lunch at a restaurant that had Wi-Fi. However, as we started hiking, the scenery and the mountains amazed me, and I could not help but immerse myself in the natural surroundings. The mountains were tall and close to the clouds, and animals shared the roads with their human friends. Whether or not there would be Wi-Fi at the final destination was no longer important, and all that really mattered to me was to enjoy the beauty of nature at the moment.
            As I returned to our host family and started our small workshops in the afternoon, I became excited about what this small town could offer. During the dance workshop, some of our classmates dressed up in local clothes, and everyone received musical instruments, allowing us to engage in the performance. The host family made most of these instruments, using materials from the surrounding areas. Even though our classmates did not necessarily know how to dance like a local, everyone was holding hands with others and making an effort to move to the music.  People were laughing and it seemed that everybody was having fun. As daylight ebbed away and we started building a bonfire, I came to realize that electricity had not yet been the major source of light in this town. We sat around the bonfire, asking questions and trying to get to know each other better. Afterwards, we also watched the play performed by the local people.

            During our stay in Maras, I was unable to contact my friends back home. However, I have never been so involved in the present activities without any distractions. On our way back to Cusco, Jack told me that his phone still had more than 50% of battery. The trip to Maras has shown me the beauty of nature and helped me find a quiet place in this noisy world, allowing me to enjoy my life in the present.

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