Friday, June 3, 2016

The Real Peruvian Experience

          After spending our weekend in Maras, I feel that I can now say I've been given a taste of what it really looks and feels like to live in Peru. While we have been given the luxuries of heaters, nice hostel rooms, and comfy beds in the previous places we have stayed in within Lima and Cuzco, Maras was a new experience which I will never forget.
         Going into it, Profe had told us it was going to be a different experience. Advised to bring sleeping bag liners and extra layers for sleeping, (which was greatly appreciated at night) we were told that we were going to be spending the night in the houses of where real people lived. I thought that this experience was the one that helped me to connect with Peruvian culture the most, because of how real and true to these peoples lives the experience was.
         Even though the bed was a little rougher and the room a little colder than the previous places we had stayed, I think that having the opportunity to actually engage in and experience the way that people actually live is an experience that everyone should engage and participate in, in order to truly understand the andean culture.

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