Friday, June 3, 2016

Peru Food I Miss You

Oftentimes, when one is traveling, they find themselves longing for home and specifically the food. Perhaps because of my mother’s lack of cooking skills, I usually find that this isn’t the case for me. Despite my weak stomach, I’ll eat almost anything and most of the time I’ll like it. There were no longings for the food of home (excluding maybe Mexican food), and I found it easy to enjoy the food in both Lima and Cusco. 


Valeriana feat. my fav empanadas

I had low expectations of the food coming into the trip, at least in Cusco because of the altitude and difficulty of cooking there, but was instead pleasantly surprised. Lima offered me fresh fish daily, and I ate ceviche almost every day. Cusco offered comforting soups in the somewhat chilly weather, and other delicious foods. The thing I miss most, though, are the empanadas. So easily accessible in both Lima and Cusco, I often found myself craving them for lunch- and I still am at home. I have searched for places that sell them here- I’m sure I can find them at home in Arizona but working in Memphis I doubt I’ll find any. To no avail, I have decided I’ll make my own (we’ll see how it goes).

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