Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Maras - Moray: An Silent Hike

Last weekend we had the opportunity to hike from where we were staying in the pueblo of Maras to Moray, a huge site with Inca agricultural ruins. Knowing the hike was slated to take around two hours, the majority of the group decided to bring headphones so that we could each enjoy our own music as we hiked. I had a feeling I would enjoy the experience from hearing about my friends on El Camino de Santiago walking each day while listening to their favorite albums. Little did I know just how much the small act of putting in headphones would enhance my experience.

            When I first opened my music on my phone I decided to put on something I knew a few of my classmates would also be listening to – Cloud Nine by Kygo. At first I was having fun, energetically but silently vibing along to the same music as my friends. However after some time I realized the fact that I was still socially interacting with those around me was defeating the purpose of using the headphones, which was to immerse myself in the scenery and nature. So I decided to switch to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, my favorite album of all time. Once I did this I didn’t feel the need to speak or look at anyone else. My only focus was taking in deep breaths of the cool air and gazing at the tall mountains surrounding me.

Views from the hike
From that point the hike became more of a spiritually experience than one of exercise, because I wasn’t thinking about my tired legs or my sweaty face. All I could think about was how happy and blessed I was to be in Peru and on that hike. Staying in the front of the group helped me keep that individualized mentality – if I had been able to see my friends in front of me I would have been thinking about them and enjoying the Andes less! All in all, charging ahead and turning up my music actually ended up making that hike the one of the most peaceful experiences I’ve had, and it made me infinitely more grateful for my time in Peru.
Enjoying listening to our music at Moray!

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