Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chac-chu Picchu

Back in March, when I was talking to my friend/former housemate/housemate-to-be, and avid Chaco enthusiast, he heavily encouraged me to get some Chacos for the Maymester and for life in general. He would tell me all about the points of the shoes; they’re Vibram soles; they have models with or without toe straps; they can be “re-Chaco-ed” for 25 bucks and get them cleaned and get the straps replaced. And after some heavy convincing, I finally caved in and bought some. Since May 5 when we got to Peru, I’ve been wearing nearly exclusively Chacos every day, whether I’m hitting up Paddy’s Pub, walking to class on the cobblestone streets of Cusco, or hiking up Machu Picchu, and they’ve served me incredibly well for each and every task. The only gripe I have had with them is that I got a ton of bug bites while at Machu Picchu, but that’s my fault for not using bug spray. It’s also just a minute price to pay in exchange for the sweet Z tan that’s now imprinted onto my feet. Everyone else on the trip has been wearing hiking shoes or hiking boots and here I stand, strapped in for the ride, wearing Chacos day in, day out, feeling the wind between my toes. Chac one up to nature.
Swaggy Z tan and some bug bites

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