Monday, May 18, 2015

¿Te gusta Anime? ¡Sí, me encanta! (Do you like anime? Yes, I love it!)

The world is a pretty funny thing to think about. Its massiveness is just a small barrier to how interconnected humans are. Our languages may be different but we can say the same things, and our tastes in tv shows may be different but the genres are still the same. I say that to bring up this awesome experience I had when the crew and I went to stay in La Tejadora in Chinchero, Peru. A group of us (just guys because the girls didn’t want to get their nails dirty JAJAJAJAJAJA just kidding of course..... but seriously it was just guys) went on a adventurous, enjoyable hike to see a “catarata" (waterfall). The adventure was sooooooo awesome, yet at the same time it was a bit physically demanding. However, during the duration of the trip we were lead by two local teens named Fiorella and Ribaldo. Fiorella was the niece of the family who owned La Tejadora, and Ribaldo was their son. They both were very interesting individuals, but one thing that really caught my attention was a very entertaining conversation I had with Hidalgo. Hidalgo and I went ahead of the group and this gave me a chance to talk to him in spanish. We were discussing things that we enjoyed doing until he said “Me gusta ver Anime” (I like to watch Anime). At first, I had zero clue what he said because the word Anime sounded different in spanish. However, after muchos repeticiones (many repetitions) I finally figured out what he was saying and I was shocked. Here I was having a conversation with Hidalgo about tv shows that we both enjoy. One may say it seems obvious that people all over the world watch anime, but ladies and gentlemen you will let me enjoy my realization. So as we ventured to the waterfall we talked about anime, and as we walked back to the hotel we talked about anime. Some of them we both knew, and some of them were new to me. I will never forget though, the time I asked “Ya has visto Sword Art Online” (Have you seen Sword Art Online), the anime show below, and responded “Sí, me encanta.” My mind was blown…… I found someone in Peru who understood the awesomeness of Japanese cartoons. And to go even further, not more than a day later I had a conversation with Vanessa, the Argentinian wife of "Soy Steve,” about music that she liked and she said Japanese music. You probably already know the next question I asked…. and of course the answer was “Sí, me encanta.” We talked about Fruits Baskets, another anime, and etcetera. But oh my my my…. who knew Anime could be so global (sarcasm of course :P). So if you didn’t guess by now that I like Anime, then ask. And when you do, I’ll simply say “Sí, me encanta.” ;). I think I will watch some here in Peru. Don't tell the crew though.... they'll be upset because i'd be hogging all the internet XD. They'd become CRAZY #insider.

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