Monday, May 18, 2015

El olor de Cuzco (The Smell of Cuzco)

Walking through the streets of Cuzco, being a tourist in all, I have to say one of the things that hit me the hardest was this very strong stench. In the alleyways one could say that there must have been dogs without manners living all over Cuzco, and believe it or not there are dogs all over Cuzco…. even in Machu Pichu. If I were to describe this smell right now, this blog might actually be deleted…. not joking. Just know that this is not a pleasant smell. However, our bodies, being awesome and all, have this neurological mechanism that allows us to smell something and then become accustomed to the smell (If you want to discuss it, we can talk over Mate de Coca tea ;P). That being said, after getting accustomed to that horrid smell I was able to open eyes to the bigger picture that Cuzco had to offer. I was able to take in the working parts of this historical, yet consistently growing, city. Without the dogs, it wouldn’t be Cuzco. Without the “massages,” it wouldn’t be Cuzco. Without the indigenous women selling things on the street, Cuzco would just not be Cuzco. Therefore damas y caballeros (ladies and gentlemen), the next time you decide to avoid something because of its smell just know that the smell is temporary so don’t let that keep you from an awesome experience. OH and guys... I haven't smelled all that Cuzco has to offer yet so please... Wish Me Luck!

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