Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day trip to Lunahuaná


Today we took a trip about two hours South of Lima to a town named Lunahuaná. The second we got off the bus, we were swarmed by two things, one itchy and one sweet. The first thing I noticed was the hundreds of mosquitos (fortunately this was the first time we really experienced a lot of mosquitos during our trip). Following right behind the mosquitos were the women selling homemade chocolates. Once we all covered ourselves in insect repellent and enjoyed a few pieces of chocolate we were ready for the first adventure of the day: white water rafting. Rafting was so much fun! Of course, it got competitive between the three different groups, with splashing and synchronized rowing involved, but in the end we all had a blast (the last raft is still probably secretly bitter that they lost though). And, nobody even fell into the river, so I would definitely consider it a success.

On the other hand, our next activity, ATVing (or in Spanish cuatrimotos), had a few glitches here and there. The first problem was that the ATV's stalled… a lot. I think by the end of our ride, Profe had switched vehicles at least 5 times (he ended up on an ATV that was about the size of a large tricycle jajaja). The next problem was that we had the misfortune of getting stuck behind a funeral procession on the way to the trail, so we were sitting in traffic for almost a half hour! Despite the fact that ATVing didn't go as flawlessly as rafting, it was still a fun time. We ended up passing some cows, goats, and donkeys along the trail, and had a beautiful mountainous background to appreciate as well. After all of today's activities, I think it is safe to say that we will all sleep well tonight!

Profe on a very small cuatrimoto

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