Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Irregular Regularities

This post was intended for Thursday, 5/14, but due to spotty wifi is first being posted now:

Today was an absolutely incredible day. I don't know how anything could outdo today's experiences (keep in mind this was written before we visited Machu Picchu), and am a bit worried that the rest of the trip will be disappointing in comparison. I mean, how often do you get to eat the potatoes you harvested with your own two hands? Better yet, how often do you get to stand under what must have been a 100-foot waterfall after hiking to it on a steep, hidden trail for two hours? Apparently, for the people of Chincherros, these are everyday occurrences. Similarly, if the family who hosted us were to visit us in America, they would probably be amazed by our everyday experiences that for them are rare. For example, I think that if Fiorella ever came with me to one of New Jersey's huge shopping malls, she would have a similar reaction to that of mine when I stood underneath the magnificent waterfall. Overall, as much of a service that the host family did for us, I think that we equally helped them. Our excitement about harvesting and hiking reminded them not to take anything for granted. I could tell that they were somewhat shocked by how impressed we were with everything. What I took away from this? When we get back home, I hope to live my everyday life with the same passion as picking up that first potato.

The waterfall we hiked to

Cooking the potatoes we harvested through a process known as "Huatia"

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