Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Depth: The Photographer's Struggle

One thing that we run into, no matter where we are in Peru, is the high number of amazing sights. There are such great views wherever we go, whether it's on our street, Calle Choquechaca, or maybe even climbing all the way to the top of the city to see all of Cusco. Mountains, lights, and more cannot fit into just one single picture! What our eyes see is breathtaking and I just haven't been able to capture the same amount of amazing through my camera, so it definitely has been a struggle. Mountains that look huge to my eyes cannot be portrayed with the same depth on the screen. I guess it's true when they say "seeing is believing." I will definitely need more practice but I just feel like I'm not doing justice to the beauty that is the country of Peru. 

Overall though, taking pictures of the area is so fun. There are so many landscapes, buildings, people, and dogs to take pictures of. Machu Picchu was one of the most amazing experiences for me and there were times I could not believe what I was seeing through my viewfinder. Some views are so crazy, that when I take a picture of someone in front of it, it looks like a green screen view. It essentially looks fake! That's how picturesque the views here are and hopefully, I'll be able to grow as a photographer here even more and truly do justice. 

The below photographs are some sample shots that I took during our first week, and while they do look magnificent, they looked 5 times better in person.

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