Thursday, May 28, 2015

The F.A.M.I.L.Y (Funny A** Massive Idiotic Loving Youngsters)

One of the funniest things 
That this trip has portrayed
Is the creativity of students 
And their weird habits and games

So on one fateful night 
In some kid’s hotel room
A family dynamic was created
And it would include…….

The man who teaches would be the granddad
With his wisdom in Spanish and Beard of Gold
Is united with his TA who does not speak english
through an interracial marriage proposal.

The groom being from Korea and slick black hair 
With a distant sister from Canada too
Asks for the hand of a Mexican beauty queen
Who is very fond of the fanny pack fashion scoop

Yet this Mexican has two brothers
Whom are two very different characters
One loves books governors
And the other just tries to look better

Now here is the part 
Where it gets tricky
Because the bride and groom 
Get a little busy

And end up with 
not just one or two 
But 9 interesting
Koreaxican minis.

The oldest is a Middle eastern photographer 
whom all his siblings adore
He has the wisdom of a sea lion and eyes of a tiger
Yet I am not sure what he uses those attributes for :/

The second to come is an amazing girl
Whose name does not rhyme with cat
And she has grown attached to her book loving Uncle 
And you can guess her personality from that.

A couple of years later another koreaxican is born
Who loves the color pink
Such the trendsetter she is, and minds her own bizz
But loves to make fun of…. me -_-

(Then you have this situation of the groom 
Spending too much time with an uncle
Who convinces him to go on a business trip
Which in reality consisted of a brothel.)

The groom returns to his Mexican queen
With a present at his side
But this was not just an ordinary gift
It was just kind of a very tall child.

And after him 
For they tried again with very very little luck
Because what they came up with
Was a cool child who hung with the crazy uncle too much.

After much yelling and a make-up session
Something crazy came to be
A son was born who loved skateboards
And doing illegal things

So at last they grew tired 
And decided to stop
But the Mexican queen 
Decided to adopt

She adopted a child 
And he was disappointed to see
That every new sibling that he now had
Did not make higher than a 3.3

Alas after years of managing kids 
5 born, 1 bastard and 1 adopt
The couple decided that
It would be best to even this odd number up.

So what did they do 
Well you could guess
And to their surprise
They succeeded 

But they did not just have one child coming
There was a pair that they had to meet
For one was a timid shy ole fellow
And the other was the bubbly me ;)


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