Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sand Dunes are STELLAR #insider

Today the crew went to extreme lengths when we saw sand. When I got on the bus, I kind of feel asleep after watching Adjustment Bureau (which is a great movie and I seriously recommend it) and awoke to see an oasis…………….. yes, an oasis. I knew we were sand-boarding, but this spectacular sight still was one that shocked me. The water was dirty for sure but the water plus its surroundings made up for the water’s ugly greenish color. Honestly, if you have not seen an oasis you have not lived life…. literally. After I was done marveling at the oasis, the crew and I ate an exquisite lunch consisting of fresh vegetables, fresh potatoes and fresh fish. I, of course, was quite delighted by this and was even prouder to have had the opportunity to participate in the delightful tasting of heaven in the form of ice-cream. Ahhhhh… I can still taste it.
After letting the food digest, the crew hopped in a sand buggy and headed toward waves of sand. The driver I had had was awesome and took us on the ride of our lives… I don’t know much about the other group’s driver #losers. When we got to a good sand-boarding spot, I decided that I was going to go ahead and do it without thinking. So I did. And it was so fun, but the walk back up the hill was brutal. This climb up sand made me think about the Incans and how much they had to endure to build the empire that they had. I know it is sort of irrelevant, but it kind of resonates on the mind a bit. Their example shows that perseverance is the key to success :). But anyways guys….. it has been a long day and this trip still isn’t over so….. WISH ME LUCK!!!

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