Sunday, May 24, 2015

Peru vs Mexico

Growing up, I spent my summer vacations in Mexico visiting my grandparents and family. My favorite aunt would let me spend the three months of summer at her house and it was possibly the best part of my childhood. Playing with the neighborhood kids, eating cheap junk food, and being a rugrat was the best. As soon as I stepped out of the Lima airport before passing through customs, I noticed a huge similarity between Mexico and Peru. The streets, the ads, and the people were very similar. Since Peru is the first country outside of North America that I have visited, I don't have much to compare foreign countries like Peru. Regardless, Peru looked so familiar. Now that we've been here for 2 weeks and we are nearing the end of the Cusco trip, it kind of feels like home. It makes me miss my childhood. Cusco and the other small towns we have visited have been so much like Mexico. Although the food has not been similar, I think that Peru still feels very much like home. I wonder how the city of Lima will compare. 

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