Monday, May 25, 2015

Game of the Incan Thrones

I tell ya… this trip has done so much to open my eyes to the spectacular wonders of this world. As I sat down in the library of Casa Elena, the hotel I stayed in while I was experiencing Cuzco, I was introduced to something that I never thought would make me into who I am today (being dramatic of course). I was simply minding my own business typing my paper and whatnot until a little birdie said to me, “Hey here are the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones.” This little birdie voice belonged to another student in the group named Linus… you guys should check his blogs out. He is just the funniest ole chap… but I digress. After this request was made, my mind was so intrigued by the thought of having three free seasons of an extremely popular tv show that my dumb self said yes. Now I know what you may be thinking…. how can Daniel Rose, a Vanderbilt Student, be dumb. Well let me clear two things up: 1) I’m human… and 2) I’m a 19 year old human. Once the 3 seasons, were uploaded to my hard drive it was game over. I became addicted.
I went episode after episode unraveling this intriguing tale about kings and queens, priests and priestesses, brothels and… well those people who visit the brothels, and yes of course the lovely fire breathing dragons. Now to give you a little hint to how I am quite the bozo, I must first let you all know that these episodes are an hour long. Each season has 10 episodes. I am currently on the third season episode 7….. and I started watching it 4 days ago……………………………………………………….. (don’t judge me).
I am so infatuated with the show that I blend reality and fantasy sometimes (Again I am just being dramatic). However, what I want to share with you is deeper than a tv show but I hope you find this realization as intriguing as I do. Now, as I watched the show I noticed two things: The modernized people and the non-modernized people. The way you distinguish the two is based off of how each group lives, how they act, and where they reside. As I was watching, I saw a change in the scene from North of the wall where the valley people live (Game Throne fans please don’t be offended by my terminology. Trust me it is for the best) to a scene showing the king’s beautiful, glorious castle. Why does this matter? Well, this scene made me think back to the Incans. These people most certainly lived in the wilderness, but then they a spectacular phenomenon like Machu Picchu. They created agricultural systems so advanced that it makes my jaw drop just trying to imagine it. These people were the most amazing people that I have ever learned about, and Machu Picchu is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. One day I envision that I, Daniel Rose, will take my rightful place on the throne close to the Sun God for all the world to see. I will be fair and rule…….. oops sorry I got carried away.
But anywho, guys if there are two things that you should take away from this post it should be: 1) Visit Machu Picchu and 2) Don’t download any seasons of any show on your computers. Now, I must awake early in the morning so that I can go to the place where sandboarders go so please….. Wish Me Luck!! :)

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