Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fly like paper get "Hi I like planes"

On our flight from Cusco to Lima, I was assigned the aisle seat 8C, and no one in our group had the other seats on my side of the row, so naturally, I was slightly worried that I'd get paired with one or more of the following types of people:

  • Large and in charge (although this was less of a worry since as Andrew has found out, Peruvians are generally pretty small)
  • Paranoid of planes (Delilah ended up sitting next to this woman who glared at her for not paying 100% attention to the safety spiel given before all flights)
  • Loud and annoying bugger of a child (I think we've all dealt with this once in our lives)
  • Smelly
  • Small bladdered (being the aisle man in a row with a frequent bathroom goer is akin to being the hero the plane deserves, but not the one it needs)
  • Someone who wants to be friends with anyone and everyone in their life
  • A missionary 
I was lucky enough to be sat with this cute little nugger named Valentino.

My boy Valentino checking his process during bulking season

Valentino fit under none of the above criteria thank goodness, and he was just such a sweetheart! He let me play with his suction Furby toys and he even gave me a pineapple candy to eat before the flight started. He quickly passed out though, much like myself.

As we came in closer to Lima, Valentino woke up and we chatted some more. He was super enthusiastic about everything until I asked him if he liked school. It took a little coaxing from his mom for him to finally say that he liked school, and even then he sounded reluctant. Classic. As we left the airport after getting our baggage, he came up to me, gave me a high five and ran back to his mom so they could get on their way. I was able to get his mom's email address to email her the pictures I took with him. I hope that down the road he doesn't look back and get weirded out by seeing pictures of his young self with a big Korean boy, because I'll definitely remember him as the perfect flight-mate.

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