Sunday, May 24, 2015

If I were a Michelin Man

After a long day of travel and sightseeing starting from Chinchero and ending in Ollantaytambo, we were all starving and craving food, so we trekked for 10 minutes up the lonely road from our hotel to the first restaurant we saw. We all thought it was a blessing that we had found this excellent restaurant, Orisha’s Cafe.
As happy as these folks, really
It had a riverside view, elegant designs, and there were some other tourists sitting in there as well. All 16 of us sat down with high hopes, but those hopes were dashed slightly by the lack of service attributed to the missing waitress combined with the cook who wouldn’t take our orders because the waitress was supposed to return. At this point, I made the second biggest mistake I would make in Ollantaytambo (behind leaving my toothbrush at the hotel) and stayed with the half of the group that decided to stay at Orisha’s and wait it out. To fast forward a bit, the other group who left found a great pizzeria, had a great dinner, and got back to the hotel at the same time as us even though their restaurant was 10 minutes further away. Back at Orisha’s, the waitress finally got back from her break, only to take the orders of 3 of the 8 people sitting at the table in a random fashion. After a second round of making orders, we finally got the final 5 orders done, and thus started the waiting game. We waited and waited, waited and waited, and the food was delivered in no particular order, much like the orders, randomly and despicably late. Some food wasn't even delivered, which was actually just a blessing in disguise, because the food, on a scale from 1 to Doner Kebab (our favorite spot in Cusco), was around a 2. All in all, the moral of the story that night was that one must scour through all the blindly positive reviews on Trip Advisor and find the one bad review, because like they say, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.
God bless you, manhattanmom

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